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Wireless communication
Release time: 2012-6-10
Future wireless communication networks will be the solution to a comprehensive integration of the various wireless technologies will play its role in the integration of the network. From a wide range of public mobile communication, 3G or super 3G technology will be the dominant form of extensive, global seamless coverage; while WLAN, UWB and other broadband access technology, will be due to the different technical characteristics in different coverage or the application area, complement each other to form an effective public mobile communication network.


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The company planning
Release time: 2014-8-24
Development companies aiming to a variety of wireless communication technology, including ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile network; and the overall planning of the development stage.


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The company planning
Release time: 2015-1-5
Wireless communication technology has basically mastered, the next stage in the transition is dominant, leading to carry out product. Project Assistant stage.


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